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* Gastronomy:
- Sushi bar
- Sunday brunch.
- Buffet: Fusion cuisine.

* Stay with us:
- Eco-tourism on The Hill. Forest watching, flora and fauna, excursions, wild fruit collecting, gardening and much more.
- Single and double rooms, with private half bath/shower.
Breakfast included.
- Home cooked lunch-dinner is optional.

*Cooking school:
- Chilean and Latin American traditional home style cooking classes available, especially for people visiting Chile.
- "Nihon no katei ryori"… home style Japanese cooking.
- Sushi… everyone's favorite.
- Cuisine a la Mónica (to beginners)

* Dance school: Tropical and folk dances with Prof. Hector Celedón. Especially for people visiting Chile.

* Spanish language school: Foreign students, beginners to advanced.

* Tourism: "Home style Chilean hospitality tours".

* Workshops:
- Personal development.
- Handicraft
- Origami

* Concerts:

We speak Spanish, English and Japanese…

Mónica Alvear

Please contact us for details.
Informations, reservations and orders:

"Sumalao" House
P.O. Box: Casilla 1161 Valdivia
Fono/Fax: (56-63) 282251
Valdivia, Chile