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A place for Coming Together…
with yourself and with others.
A Cultural Exchange Center

What is Sumalao?
Where is Sumalao?
What do we do at Sumalao?

What is Sumalao?

It is my home and a meeting place for friends and for friends of friends. Here I hope to make room for cultural-social exchange, from daily living together and from definite friendship amongst people with whom I share strong affectionate ties, as I do with my Chilean and foreign friends, especially the Japanese… amongst whom you shall be made most welcome.

All this in a comfortable, tranquil, gratifying and harmonic atmosphere, favorable to relaxation and rest, within a framework of concern and respect for the natural, social and cultural environment.

A 12-year intensive experience living in Japan, teaching about Chilean and Latin American culture and lifestyles, and my job as a Spanish teacher at several universities in Fukuoka, Japan, permitted me to learn some interesting things about that country, its people, culture, lifestyles, and by contrast, also some things about ourselves. What I have learned I hope to pour into my new home, chosen not only through inspiration, but also because the moon bathes in the river… unclothed.