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A place for Coming Together…
with yourself and with others.
A Cultural Exchange Center

What is Sumalao?
Where is Sumalao?
What do we do at Sumalao?

Where is Sumalao?

The so-called "Valdivian forest" serves as a surrounding for the physical space made up of a typically southern wooden construction with the comforts of a modern home, roomy and gracious, which, unlike traditional hospices, permits fluid interrelations among its guests.

The house includes private and social spaces which guarantee personal privacy and also the warmth necessary to interact in-group.

Sumalao is situated geographically on the road to Niebla, a coastal community 12 kilometers from the city of Valdivia, which has easy access. Valdivia, itself, is located 850 kilometers south of Santiago. It is a community of 140,000 people, with a university of 10,000 students, which converge from different parts of Chile, but especially the South.

The city of Valdivia offers cultural, social, tourist and gastronomical opportunities. Likewise, the landscape and habitat of its surroundings are propitious for the enjoyment of native forest, beaches, ocean, islands, lakes and rivers -- chief among them, El Calle Calle -- an exceptional, navegable river with the greatest year-round volume in all of Chile.